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Why the branded hoody helps me build my business.
Not only have I struggled with the sequence of things to do when setting up a business, but also often enough with the question of "if at all" or "when". For example: Should I set up a legal entity as a company straight away or start as a solo self-employed person first? Should I buy expensive software straight away or first see if I can get any assignments at all?
Many modern methods (e.g. "Lean Start-Up") advise for good reasons to test a product or service on the market quickly and without great effort and expense. Only when you know whether something works and have already made initial adjustments, you do invest further.
In my case, I had a few months to prepare and didn't want to start immediately. And I was confident that my business would basically work because I had already been active in the market for a few years. So I invested a five-figure sum before I started and had an interesting experience: every expense for the (future) business increased my commitment. With every invoice that was transferred from the business account, I sent myself the message: It will and must work, because you've already invested a lot of money again. I now love this power of commitment: when I spend money, I no longer think: "Oh, that's expensive" or "Do I really have to do that?", but instead: "Good, that increases my self-commitment again". I don't see the danger of making unnecessary or too expensive expenditures. I'm far too careful and frugal for that - especially at the beginning. But if something is necessary and/or makes sense, go ahead and spend it - my subconscious will add the expense to my commitment balance. I am sure that this attitude helped me to generate good revenues in the first few months.
Do you also know such self-suggestion tricks? I look forward to hearing about other ideas or experiences that have a positive influence on the mindset.

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Dr. Sebastian Tschentscher finds the best digital minds for your company with his executive search boutique "Digital Minds".

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