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Start-up stories part 4: What I overestimated and what I underestimated.

'Preparatory accounting'. Just hearing that made me feel queasy. In my entire professional career in companies, there were always departments for all administrative matters, so I never had to worry about that. And when I heard complaints from family and friends of self-employed people or entrepreneurs, it usually had to do with accounting or taxes, which caused so much effort and worry. So when I set up my business, I prepared myself for the fact that this would be a huge "chunk" of work, headaches and complexity. The opposite is the case: I looked for a tax consultancy that also takes care of all the (payroll) accounting and is very digital. Now I do exactly two things that take no more than two hours a month and are almost fun: Uploading all incoming invoices and receipts into the system and creating and sending outgoing invoices via the same system. Everything else (postings, payments, reconciliation with the business account, payment reminders, etc.) runs automatically or is handled by the service provider. So I completely overestimated the issue.

And underestimated? Above all, that mistakes or negative feedback bother me much more than before. After many years of professional life, you develop a certain resilience, as the saying goes: 'You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs'. In this respect, it has hardly bothered me in recent years when mistakes have happened, whether my own or those of employees. Annoying, of course, and you have to make sure you avoid the same mistakes in future, but it didn't bother me too much. The situation was very different in the first few weeks of self-employment: if something went wrong or a customer or candidate voiced criticism, I took it to heart and brooded over it for a long time and struggled with the issue. Why this sudden thin-skinnedness? For me, there are two explanations: Firstly, suddenly no one else is responsible but myself. No colleague, no wrong process in the organization that I found or anyone or anything else - just me. Secondly, there is more to it: in a large organization that has existed for many years, a mistake is unlikely to cause much damage. But perhaps it will to the delicate seedling of your own new company?
I underestimated that.

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