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Digital Minds - Geschäftsführer Dr. Sebastian Tschentscher

About Dr. Sebastian Tschentscher

Dr. Sebastian Tschentscher has more than 20 years of experience as a business manager and has launched strategic projects, transformations and new digital business models for companies such as E.ON, LichtBlick and the Vaillant Group.

From 2018 to 2023, he was Managing Director of a leading agency group in the field of executive search for the digital economy. He knows which people companies need to develop and which hurdles have to be overcome in the course of digitalization. In his opinion, a company needs a vision for the future, a good strategy for implementation and - most importantly - the right people who embody a corresponding corporate culture.

Networking is both his profession and his passion. In recent years, he has met hundreds of companies and thousands of people. He is always surprised at how many connections and opportunities arise from these encounters. Often you don't know at the beginning what will come out of it, so openness is the best attitude.

With Digital Minds, Sebastian Tschentscher fulfilled his wish in 2023 to found his own executive search boutique for digital minds. Trust is his guiding principle and when looking for the right people for companies, he looks primarily at the people and their personalities and less at the stations in their resumes.