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Executive Search for Online Marketing


  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Head of Online Marketing
  • Director Paid Search

Online marketing as the key to competitiveness: the importance of competent and experienced managers

Online marketing has become an essential part of any successful marketing strategy and is important to stay competitive in today's digital landscape. SEO, SEA, content marketing and social media can not only increase sales, but build a strong brand at the same time.

Key skills for executives in online marketing are a comprehensive understanding of digital channels, experience with data analytics and optimization, and a proven track record of leading successful marketing campaigns. At Digital Minds, we find out who is ideally suited for the position in question and inspire the candidate for the new role.

Effective personnel consulting for your online marketing: Find the best digital minds with our expertise!

A company's online marketing department is of crucial importance in today's digital era, as it determines the perception of the brand and its success on the market. The right management personnel play a central role in this. The position of the Chief Marketing Officer assumes overall responsibility for the company's marketing strategy and develops visionary concepts to strengthen the brand and increase sales. A Head of Online Marketing specializes in digital channels and develops tailor-made online strategies to optimize the online presence and effectively address the target group. In addition, the role of the Chief Marketing Officer plays a crucial role in recruiting by identifying and recruiting talented professionals in the online marketing field. Companies that invest in talented and experienced online marketing professionals lay the foundation for a successful and future-oriented online strategy. As a recruitment consultancy, we support you in finding the ideal management personnel for your online marketing department. With our expertise, we identify the right candidates to lead your company to digital success.

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Our approach as a recruitment agency

Briefing workshop: To ensure that we select the ideal senior executive for the success of your company, we hold detailed discussions with you to determine the relevant professional qualifications and personal characteristics for the position to be filled.

Start of the search: Once the jointly created requirements profile has been defined, we begin the process of market screening using our extensive networks and selected portals. Once we have identified potential experts for your company, we make contact and present the position and your company profile in complete confidentiality.

Start of the interviews: Potential candidates for your job offer go through a two-stage interview process. We evaluate their professional skills and their personal suitability for the role to be filled in your company. Our personal strengths analysis, which is created using the D.I.S.C. method and looks at preverred behaviour, provides you with a solid database of the candidate's personalality in addition to their professional qualifications, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Presentation: In regular JourFixe meetings, we present the profiles of the candidates who have convinced us. In addition, you have the opportunity to view all candidates throughout the entire evaluation process via our client portal and check the progress of the search.

Our Executive Search Process

Day 1

Briefing Workshop

Alignment of all relevant requirements - professional and personal
Day 2

Start of the Search

Market screening and contacting of candidates
Day 10

Start of interviews

Two-stage interview process to evaluate all requirements
Day 21-90


Presentation of candidates in JourFixe

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