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Executive Search for Digital Transformation


  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Vice President Digitization
  • Head of Digital Transformation

Even 10 years after the first CDO roles were created, digitization is still much more than a buzzword: Every company should ask itself, for example: Are our processes efficient and - where it is possible and makes sense - digital? Are we using all digital sales channels in addition to our existing ones? Are we using data to make good decisions? Are we working with A/B testing? In very few cases, all of these questions come down to tools and technology; most of the time, it's about the right minds and a modern culture.

At Digital Minds, we have witnessed the impact of digital transformation on leadership positions. Digital requires leaders who are visionary, adaptable and innovative, but most importantly, able to shape the culture of the company. They must be able to find their way around complex technological landscapes and deduce what the possibilities of the "brave new world" mean for their own company. They will only be successful if they inspire their colleagues with the advantages of digitization and take them with them on the path to a modern business world. We find people for companies who can do this.

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